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Carigent Awarded NSF Phase I SBIR Grant



Carigent is a privately held biopharmaceutical company located in New Haven, CT dedicated to the development of next generation therapeutics agents using a propriety drug delivery platform which is extremely versatile and robust. The platform allows for controlled release of therapeutic agents, specific targeting of therapy to a particular physiological site, tethering of surface ligands, and the ability to combine multiple agents into one vehicle made primarily from FDA approved materials. The technology is unique since it incorporates an unprecedented and extraordinarily high density of surface ligands into established, well-characterized, safe materials which allow:

  • Delivery of multiple therapeutic modalities such as RNAi, peptides, small molecules and therapeutic vaccines
  • Flexibility in targeting the drug delivery system for a variety of disease states and delivery routes
  • Enhancement of in vivo circulation times

The company started operations in 2007 with a team focused on generating a comprehensive product pipeline including encapsulation of RNAi material, cancer vaccines, and antibody therapeutics as well as research in multiple therapeutic areas including genetic, systemic, and local disease in addition to oncology.

The company business strategy centers on our core technologies which are independent but synergistic – (1) high loading levels of challenging therapeutics such as RNAi, and (2) surface-modified nanoparticle delivery of therapeutic agents.The flexibility and robust nature of the surface modification and sustained-release properties of the platform have led to several collaborations with partners, in addition to internal programs.Carigent develops products both internally and in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry leaders, with the purpose of improving delivery of proprietary compounds and drugs known to be effective but limited by toxicities.