How to Sell Jewelry Online and Promote Your Unique Brand

If you have been making your own jewelry for some time now, it is a smart idea to learn how to sell jewelry online and promote your unique brand! Are you ready to take the next step?

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Internet retailing is more accessible than ever before, however, that doesn’t make the process of getting started an online jewelry business any less overwhelming.

According to one research, the global jewelry retail industry gains $15 billion of profit a year and according to another research, 36% of the jewelry sales are made online. We can conclude that there is a potential industry to enter into.

Jewelry requires less inventory space and less workshop and the shipping rates are not so expensive The possibilities for adding to your product line are endless. There are all kinds of jewelry today including jewelry designed to decorate every part of the body. A lot of different materials can be used to design the jewelry from unconventional materials like wooden beads, plush fabrics, and synthetic feathers to precious metals and gemstones.

Regardless of the materials and designs you use, the point is that you can present your own final products on your own website. When you sell your jewelry items on your own website, you are the sole brand marketed there and you have a full control over user experience and design. Any marketing efforts you invest in promoting your website will benefit your business and no one else’s.

Online Store

There are loads of ecommerce platforms that you can use to build your own jewelry store. Regardless of what type of ecommerce platform you use (self-hosted or fully hosted) make sure you’ve got the basics covered. The ecommerce management tools you will need are customer wish list, order fulfillment, a coupon engine, inventory management, easy updates for your product line, and more.

Your jewelry store is going to be much more than a website. As a product, jewelry is all about elegant decoration, beauty, and luxurious lifestyle. These adjectives should be reflected in the design of your website. You want your potential customers to come to your online store and feel like they have entered a world of beauty and elegance.

When designing your jewelry store, use a template that is fully optimized for showcasing your jewelry items. The photos of your items should be of a high-quality, professionally-looking, with a consistent style throughout the website. We recommend you to keep the photo backgrounds simple and minimal so that the jewelry items themselves pop out at your website’s visitors. You can also use the product gallery to show pieces from various angles, for example, showing models wearing your jewelry items can create a sense of scale.

It is important to clearly present the product specifications and store terms. The return and shipping policies, terms, and conditions should be spelled out in an understandable way, with links pointing to them on all product pages. You need to remind the users you are available for customer support, listing ways to get in touch and communicate. Don’t forget to list product materials, details, weights, and measurements on the products pages. That’s way the visitors can shop with confidence knowing they are getting what they want.

New online jewelry stores have troubles with a crowded competition. The solution is to differentiate yourself by showing off your talent for designing self-made and unique jewelry. You need to find your brand’s unique flavor and make sure it can be presented strongly.

It is time to grow your hobby into an online successful business! Build your store and start selling jewelry online now!

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