Is Shopify An Excellent Multichannel Ecommerce Platform In The USA, Australia, And India?

Offering customers a variety of methods to access product catalogue information before making purchases is one of the great ways to gain more buyers. Everyone likes a situation where they are given a chance to compare products. A multichannel ecommerce platform will help you achieve this. It will ensure that your customers receive a consistent experience across all sales channels and become repeat buyers. But due to the increased number of platforms on the internet, it is becoming difficult for retailers to know the one that will fit their businesses. Shopify turns out to be a leading platform because of its features. Here are the features:

A variety of sales channels

Customers are not static. They will move from place to place comparing products to buy those that will fulfill their needs. Thus, you need to take your products everywhere-both online and offline. Many retailers have a big question of how they are going to know the best sales channel and ways to list their products. Shopify is an excellent ecommerce platform for selling on various sales channels because of its powerful features. It integrates with over 20 sales channels making it easy for you to gain customers. It works with marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. In current days, the number of customers who are visiting great sites to search for best deals online is increasing. Thus, with Shopify, you will sell your products quickly. Social media is another channel that will allow you to sell more. Shopify comes with a buy button to enable Facebook and Instagram users to make purchases with ease. They will complete the checkout process without leaving their current page.

Shopify has a Google Shopping App that will make it easier for shoppers to discover new products on Google. You will easily update products on Google from your Shopify admin panel. And because millions of customers view this site as trustworthy, they will come across your products and make purchases.


Selling both online and offline will create strong brand awareness. Some customers will view your products online and visit your physical store to make purchases. Others will prefer going directly to the store. With this, you will meet both local and international customers and increase sales. Due to more sales and information, your site can collapse and lead to diminishing of your business. However, with Shopify, you will run a smooth business without losing customers. It comes with a scalability feature that will help your site to expand together with your business. With this, you will create trust with your customers because they will always find you online.

Ease of use

Shopify beats the competition because of its ease of use. Many people believe that for one to succeed in ecommerce, there must be knowledge of designing a profession store. But this is not true. Shopify comes with an easy to use interface to allow everyone, including those without skills to create an online store and sell across various sales channels. It has an easy to navigate CMS to enable merchants to manage products, content, and pricing without code. You will quickly launch your sales channels across marketplaces, social media, and physical store without any encountering challenges.

Inventory and order management feature

The main goal of running a business is to increase profit. With reduced errors in your business, you can achieve your goal. However, it is becoming difficult, especially for the newbies to run a successful business. Shopify is a powerful software that will allow you to list products across sales channels and succeed without errors. It has an inventory and order management feature to prevent you from overselling and underselling. This feature is essential because it enhances the customers’ experience. You will deliver the right products on time. It provides an open API to allow you to integrate ERP to sync inventory, customers’ information, and orders.

POS application

In this era, the use of a mobile device is becoming popular. Managing your business with mobile is more comfortable than using a desktop which will require you to be in a room. Shopify eases the process of controlling the company because of the POS application. It is an iPad and iPhone based, which will help you perform most of the tasks online. You will effectively manage your physical and online store from a central point. This app will offer a variety of payment options to allow you to run your business smoothly without worrying about third-party fees and restrictions. POS application plays a crucial role in providing a reliable customer support system. It works for 24/7 to ensure that you get positive feedback on time.

The good thing about POS app is that it will handle your order and inventory processes in the cloud. You will know the products that are out of stock from anyplace.

Customers’ experience

Gaining a massive number of customers is not an assurance that you will grow your business. Some can view your products but exit without making purchases. With Shopify, you will not have worries of making less profit. It has responsive templates to allow customers to view your products using mobile. And because most sales channels such as Google will only recommend only the sites that support various devices, you need to give Shopify a priority.

Another great feature is security. It plays a crucial role in securing customers’ information. In current days, the first thing that customers will consider before making purchases is security. In this essence, you need to give Shopify a priority. It comes with SSL features to assure customers of safe payments.

Wrapping up

Selling on multiple channels without the right software can lead to challenges. You can encounter errors while managing your orders and inventories. Shopify is perfect for all types of businesses and people with budgetary constraints. It has all the features that will help to maximize your profit. It will allow you to sell on the physical and online store, marketplaces, and social media. And because running such a business is a difficult task, Shopify will manage all your inventories, order, and customers’ data. When challenges occur during online business operation, the Shopify support team will assure to provide positive feedback.